Money Making Parlour – the book

The sub title says it all. 125 ideas for projects that can be run from the best room in the house to make money at home in an honest, legal and decent way.

Why decent? That goes back to the time when I was checking the title on Facebook. Someone who had spent their childhood in Nigeria responded “you cannot be serious”. I had no idea what she meant. However after a bit of checking I found out that in the former British colonies the parlour was the place where people went to misbehave. You can imagine what went through er mind when she heard of a woman making money in her parlour. Oops and even double oops.

It is strange though people get the idea that if people are trying to help other people make money that they are preying on the vulnerable and innocent. In fact that is the total opposite of my intentions.

My desire is to help people come up with ideas that will help them start the smallest of small businesses. The sort of small businesses that get overlooked in the big scheme of things. The thing is that because they are so small that they don’t get noticed you stay under the radar while you develop the skills required to run a business.

This approach is actually designed to protect people. By starting small it means that you don’t have to  borrow loads of money to get started. It makes it possible to learn the basics before you have a business that is big enough to totally support you. In other words the consequences of things not going to plan are far less. Do it this way and you will probably be able to keep your shirt instead of losing it.

How the book is structured

It is based on an old book about using a typewriter to make money. I know they are nearly museum pieces now but they once served many of the same purposes as word-processors. People who had the skills to type both quickly and accurately were able to use them to make money on the side doing all sorts of small tasks for others.

The original book lists 125 such ideas and I have added comments to each of those ideas. I have used sub headings like is there still a place for this idea today and what can you learn for this idea to help you develop your own idea.

The idea is that you read the book and pick out some of the points from these ideas that will help you develop your own tiny little business. The best businesses are the ones who take this idea that that business and the other ides from the other business. A variation on the idea of mix and match.

If this concept is something that you find helpful and you are looking to start a small home based business then this is the book for you. You can buy the paperback form Amazon by clicking here.

If you cannot wait and want to read the PDF version then you can also buy it from Payhip by clicking here instead.