Hello and welcome

Thank you for dropping by to check out what I have to offer.  If you are someone who is looking to start a business on the side you have come to the right place to get ideas and find support. It is not easy developing both the mindset and the skills required to run a small business. One way of learning how is to set up a smaller than small business.

I know it will not make your fortune in the short term but it will help you gain something even more valuable i.e experience. There are people who have ended up with a heavy millstone of debt around their necks because they have tried to start a business by borrowing loads of money. They still have to pay the money back when the business failed.

My aim is to help protect people from that kind of financial disaster and help them start smaller than small businesses to get experience. If that business does not grow then they know what does not work and they have not lost a fortune. If it does then they can build on it, improve it and who knows how far they could go.