New Life Festival Idea 2018

new life festival logo 01

Ever seen potatoes quite like this before? Yes they really are potatoes. The first idea was to use eggs but then I realised that eggs are not mentioned as a source of new life in the Bible. What is seen as a sign of new life is seeds. A search on Wikipedia for a picture of seeds led to me to this image of potatoes. There are white ones and red ones and blue ones in this picture. This will be the logo that will go on the new web site at

What is this idea all about?

The idea is to encourage people to get involved in changing their community for the better. The Manifesto that is NOT for Wimps explains the idea that one way that the church will become more effective is if it does more to serve the community. If you have not got a copy you can get one for free by signing up for the God’s Lily Newsletter (look on the right hand side for a sign up form).

Although this event is primarily targeted at Christians it is not exclusively for Christians. There are all sorts of ways to serve the community. One possibility is by gardening. Gardening can be used by projects concerned about food deserts and food poverty. It can be used by projects to help build relationships or even to support those with mental health issues.

You did read that right the aim is to run an event in 2018. There is a lot of work to be done building a team and a prospective audience. If you would like to become a helper or supporter, please let me know via the contact form below.

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