Lily’s Place Facebook Group

Fancy a chin wag with others who want to see the world change into something that is more like the world that God would like it to be? Well maybe not a chin wag but definitely discussion. The place to go is Lily’s Place Facebook Group. Click the link below and go over and check

The COB Club

The Sunday best name for  this site is the Christian Online Business Club. It a subscription based club for Christians in the early stages of setting up a business. You can find out more at

God’s Lily web site

This is the main web site for the things that Susan does. Here you will find out more about really makes her tick. Go and have a look for yourself by going to

Partner with me?

I have been part of the church world long enough to realise that what many of the people helping other people need is more money. You cannot help others without money and where does that money come from? In fact this was why I wrote Financing Kingdom Work. (Yes that is the image that I used