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Money Eyeopener is British as yu can see from these bank notesMoney eyeopener is one of the websites in the God’s Lily Training family of websites. The picture also gives you a good clue where God’s Lily Training is based. They are British £20 notes.

As well as being biased towards the UK all the God’s Lily websites have a definite Christian bias. It is for Christians AND those at peace with the Christian faith. That explains some of the words and even expressions that are used. Happy with that? I hope so because the aim is to be open and upfront about where we stand.

Our hope is that you will see some of the practical ideas in the Bible work well and are easy to put into practice. Our desire is that once you have explored how it can provide you with practical wisdom that you will continue and see what happens when you follow the spiritual teaching. Of course, that is not compulsory but like anyone who has found something good our desire is to help others experience the same benefits.

Money and the church seem to be uneasy bedfellows. There is even an article on this site called 3 ways money has been used as a weapon against the church. Somehow though we need to make peace with money if we are going to survive and even thrive in the world as we know it.

What you will find on the Money Eyeopeners site

Years ago when I looked at the websites that had jumped on the Y2K bandwagon there were people who set up a website with the sole purpose of making money. They sold a few things and added an article or two they found in an article directory. The problem was that there was one really good article and the same one was used again and again and again. It was ridiculous, boring and definitely unhelpful. Then of course when the worries about y2k turned to be over exaggerated all those websites disappeared into history.

That lesson has been learnt and learnt well. Yes, there are articles on this site but they are original and insightful. Yes, there are things to buy on this site, many of them produced in house for God’s Lily Training. Not all though as other people produce some good stuff so we have signed up for their affiliate program. That means we sell their products from the sites in the God’s Lily family and the seller gives us a proportion of the price of each copy we sell.

The first product offered on this site is the Money Eyeopeners from Proverbs 31 course. Proverbs 31 sends a shiver down the spine of many women because it is a distillation of the advice given to a king about what to look for in a good wife. Not so bad but when you think he was given this advice by his mother you can see why it sets such high standards.

Hidden in this passage are many gems of financial advice. Ideas that still work today. In fact, ideas that are still taught outside the church as good ideas today! In other words, they work and probably work better than some of the other ideas circulating today.

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