The Manifesto that is NOT for Wimps

This book is a call to action. It starts with some reasons why something needs to be done. The picture is painted of a world closer to the edge of oblivion than many realise

The question then becomes how should the church respond. Closely followed by a story from history about what has happened when the church has not met the needs of the community around it. A story that is linked to the parable of the wedding invitations in Matthew 24.

A large part of the book is devoted to the impact of what goes on between our ears, on what we do. It is as if we collude with those who say that we cannot have what God says we should. If only we could work out what that was and do something to reclaim it. That is where the chapter on fighting back comes in.

The vision of Lily’s Place is introduced. This is a one stop shop for those facing hard times. This is a vision for community support run in conjunction with local churches. The aim is to build it up so that it meets the needs of just about everyone who approaches them apart from putting a roof over their heads. It includes a system for bringing people in and turning their lives around so that they become the ones who help others.

It is a book for any Christian who is thinking about mission i.e. serving the community around them. Those already “in ministry” will find it gives them food for thought. It uses a highly visible example i.e. cemeteries to explain the struggle of previous generations had serving the community.

Those who are thinking about the future of their church will also find it useful because it will encourage them to consider the consequences of both doing and not doing mission.

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