Kingdom Business Development Limited

What is a Kingdom Business? First thing to note is that although I am based in the United Kingdom it is nothing to do with my geographical location.  It is more about philisophy than geography. All philosophy is an examination of the way we see the world in an attempt to gain a better understanding of what is going on around us.

A Kingdom business is about bringing the values culture and principles of the Kingdom of God into the way the business is run so that that business can make a positive impact on society. Sounds simple doesn’t it.

It is the sort of business that makes it a priority to meet the needs of the community. It is also the sort of business that someone at home within the church would be comforable with. The sad thing about churchgoers is that many of them believe that the only way that they can help people is by setting up a charity.

Many of them then find themselves constrained within the regulations for running a charity. It gets crazy. There are some people people who work hard to help others on a voluntary basis i.e. without being paid who then struggle to find a way to put a roof over their own heads and pay their own bills. The charity is unable to pay them for a variety of reasons so they need an income from another source.

The way that many people deal with this is that they split their time between doing paid work just for the money and the voluntary work they do to help people. They can do this by working until they are old enough to claim a pension then give up their job and do the voluntary work they had wanted to do for many years. They can do it by doing both paid work and voluntary work at the same time leaving them extremely busy. I wonder though what would  happen if you could  have a business that served the community and enabled you to earn enough money to live and enough money to give.

The ideal couple in the bible

Yes the bible does have a chapter devoted to a description of the lifestyle of the ideal couple. She has a business and he does unpaid work in the community. She builds a series of businesses while running her home well. It was her money management skills that made me want to study this chapter further. It is the basis of the book Faithful Ladies CAN Transform Society. Yes it is one of the books I wrote that is published by God’s Lily.

The aim of Kingdom Business Development Limited is to help people develop businesses that help people. In particular, businesses that involve an element of healthcare or supervisory care.

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