Using our card kits

These card kits have been adapted from one of our favourite ways of helping less able people create things.

Where this idea started

One day at our face to face craft group someone had a problem they wanted to draw a particular shape and were struggling. That was when the light bulb went on and the idea of drawing around cookie cutters was born. Sending cookie cutters out by post is a bit impractical but what is manageable is sending out wooden templates to draw around.

The thing that makes this idea so good is that it encourages teamwork. Even someone with limited use of their hands could hold a cookie cutter in place while a more able person drew around it. A more able craftee ( we hated calling them service users) could draw around the cookie cutter while their supporter held it in place and encouraged them.  Few of our craftees were able enough to be allowed to use scissors at all so the carer was always left with that part of the exercise.

How do you use them?

The basic procedure is

  • draw around the template preferably on the back of the paper
  • cut out the shape carefully
  • stick the pieces of paper onto the card
  • stand back and admire your achievement

Developing teamwork (aka encouraging participation)

The person with the most challenges needs to be encouraged to do as much as they can leaving he more able one to complete the task. There are various ways of helping get involved. In addition to getting them involved in drawing round the template as already mentioned. You can

  • discuss with the craftee where the cut out piece will be positioned on the front of the card (this could be vertical alignment i.e. top, middle or bottom or horizontal alignment i.e. left, right or middle)
  • decide what other things will be added to the front of the card such as the Merry Christmas or Happy Birthday labels
  • decide where those other things are going to be put
  • work together with sticking as most people can at least be encouraged to press the pieces into position

Recognise their achievement

Everyone, no matter what their level of ability, likes to be appreciated for doing the best that they can in the circumstances that they find themselves in.

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