Crafts for all

Activity kits anyone can use

Yes, really anyone. They were designed by someone who used to run a craft group for people with learning disabilities. They are intended to be used by a team of two, a craftee and a supporter.

Easy to use

Designed for teamwork

Simple yet adult

Maintains dignity of adults

For use at home

Can be used at home, wherever home is

Reusable parts

Some parts can be used for other activities not just with the pack

Best Selling Products

Birthday cards

Pick a shape to help you make a card. Some are more suitable for men and some for women.

Valentine cards

Is mum struggling more than she used to do? Do you want to help her make a card for dad? (or vice versa)


All sorts of things here. thank you cards
get well cards

How do they work?

Click on the images below for more information and ideas.

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The Heavenly Crafts way of doing things

Team work

Teams are made up of two or more people who are working towards achieving the same outcome. A team is made up of people with …
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Take small steps

Those are huge steps for a small child, aren’t they? The thing is that it is only by moving from one step to the next …
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Recognise achievements

It sounds unbelievable but there are adults who have been given certificates of completion for doing a course to help them count up to three. …
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Unconditional regard

OK, unconditional regard sounds very professional, doesn’t it? What the church and family counselling world is more comfortable using is unconditional love. Love has a …
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Engagement is essential

An engagement ring like this is the sign of a very precious agreement, i.e. an agreement to get married and stick by each other through …
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More about Susan and what she does

Susan our Founder

Susan has a quirky sense of humour and people like being around her because of her sense of joy and fun. She cannot even stay serious for a profile picture!

She loves writing and if you want to get to know her the best way is to read one of her books. She has included many stories about herself in them. Many of them prove her life has not always been plain sailing.

Heavenly Crafts (of course)
Find your Purpose Love your Life (help for those who want to rebuild their lives)
Faithful Ladies CAN Transform Society (this starts with a study of Proverbs 31 and then looks with some practical ideas on how to change the world)
The Manifesto that is NOT for Wimps (building the Kingdom of God but not church as we know it)

Faithful Ladies (our sister site)

How on earth does a website have a sister? When it has the same mother of course. Susan not only wants to help those who are weak she has a desire to help those who also want to help them. That is one reason why she has two web sites. The other reason is that the two sites can do different things.

This site can be used to offer you some things but it can be used for other things. In particular Faithful Ladies is set up so that it can be used to deliver online courses. It is also possible to sign up for Prophetic Consultations for those who need additional help with issues that arise from the books Susan has written.

To find out more click on the link below
Faithful Ladies

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