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Developing God’s Lily Training is something that anyone who knows God’s Lily would say is something that it was pretty obvious that she should do. Someone whose heart is to teach others and loves playing with computers is highly likely to want to set up an online training programme.

If you look at the ideas in the vision for Lily’s Place a lot of them include an element of learning in some form or other. Some of them involve learning practical skills and others more academic skills. The idea behind Lily’s Place is to change lives and learning usually includes picking up new ideas or ways of doing things and practising them and as a result, bringing about change. The aim of God’s Lily Training is to help bring Lily’s Place to reality.

What can you learn at God’s Lily Training?

Daft as it sounds that was one of the questions God’s Lily wanted an answer to for herself.  You see there were so many possibilities and ideas floating around. This time though she took it down as dictation. What I mean is that she asked God the question and then wrote down what she heard as an answer.

  • Initiation training – This covers the basics that will help them go forwards. This includes the idea that they are accepted and loved and other basic concepts that will build a good foundation in their lives. For Christians, one basic skill that they really need to master is how to listen to the voice of God as how do you follow someone when you struggle to hear them.
  • Recognition training – This covers recognising who they are and what they are capable of doing. It includes uncovering their gifts and talents. As well as that it is necessary to work out what their strengths and weaknesses are so that they can truly fulfil their potential.
  • Impartation training – This includes what others have passed on to them in terms of spiritual gifts. Not just gifts though but how to use the spiritual tools (or what some people call weapons). There is a wealth of techniques and tactics that different churches use in prayer. There is a lot that can be learnt from each other hence the idea of impartation.
  • Embarkation training – This includes how to set off on the journey towards building ministries and businesses. There are all sorts of practicalities that can be covered here including things like how to set up an appropriate legal structure for what you want to do. In the UK this would include setting up a charity or a limited company and looking at which of these legal structures suits what you are doing best. It also means helping people set up an embryo organisation that will grow into the type of organisation they want it to become.
  • Perspiration training – This includes how to do the actual work and supporting those who are putting in the effort of building. All sorts of things here including marketing, setting up systems and other business type skills. Then there needs to be the opportunity for people in particular fields of endeavour to share best practice such as how do you be a godly teacher in a secular teaching environment.

They are obviously a progression from novice to accomplished and it sounds remarkably like the process that Jesus used with his disciples. He chose them, (initiation). He trained them to use their gifts. (recognition). He prepared them to receive power from on high, (impartation). One of the things Jesus told his disciples to do was to wait for power from on high. It was only after they had received that power that they could get started with their ministries. It was the experience of Pentecost that gave them a flying start, (embarkation). It was later that the perspiration dimension kicked in.

God’s Lily Training is different

These five areas or dimensions of training that she wrote down were definitely not what she expected. She was thinking in terms of a list of subjects but ended up with five dimensions or aspects of training that needed to be covered. That is what makes God’s Lily Training unique. You can get business start up training from other places but do they even take any notice of the things included in the Initiation, recognition or impartation dimensions described above.  

There are people who have tried to offer business start up training to people who were in desperate need of help in terms of recognising their own value and worth. The problem is that if you do not see yourself as worth much you will not be willing to charge a reasonable price for whatever you offer people. You may not even be willing to charge a price that is sufficiently high enough for you to cover your costs and if that is the case your business will not survive very long, if it even got off the ground.

If this sounds like something that you would be interested in then check out God’s Lily Training  at www.godslilytraining.co.uk

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