Introducing God’s Lily

Thanks for coming to have a look at my website. It is a joy having you call in for a visit.

First, let me make one thing very clear this site is for those who are at peace with the Christian faith. That does not mean that only Christians will find this site valuable. Far from it. It just means that you need to be comfortable with looking at things from a Christian perspective.

Another lens through which I look at the world is that of a woman closer to retirement age than she would like to admit who has always lived in the United Kingdom. For much of that time, I have lived in one of the less prosperous areas of the country i.e. north east England. Today it is obvious to me that the micro-culture of north east Wales is very different.

My first step into faith was the sinner's prayer in a bible study booklet I bought with the help of the older teenagers who ran a Christian Union at my old school. My next step was to join a Baptist church after the late statesman evangelist Billy Graham visted the UK for Mission England. Since then there have been times and seasons in my life when I have regularly attended either an Anglican church (i.e. Church of England or Episcopalian) or a Pentecostal church.

No wonder that when I first arrived at one church I attended I said I was something of a chameleon. What I meant was that I had learnt to adapt to the environment around me. I can do the quiet when I have to and I can do the lively, while my energy lasts.  There again as you read what I have written on this site and in the books I  have written you will see that my life experience has also impacted the way I respond to and see the world.

Enough of me. It is time for you to go and explore this website. Have a look around. If you like what you see then sign up to join the email list for the Friends of God's Lily so that you can keep in touch with developments.

God bless you

(AKA God's Lily)

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