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Susan was going to work one day and on the journey she was trying to think of a business name. At the time she was in an interesting time in her life. Just about everything in here life was changing or about to change. She did not even know if her name was going to stay the same. Using her real name as a business name just did not make any sense in the circumstances, but what else could she do.

As she neared her destination she had an idea. Susan means Lily so why not use that. What about Lily the Pink? She checked out the the pop song from the 1960s to see what the words were. Nothing offensive there and indeed some encouraging ideas.

She checked out the lady who the song was about. Wow what an inspirational story, from financial ruin to a millionaire in a few short years and at the same time improving and possibly even saving the lives of many other women. Lily the Pink it is then.

Why was she in such an interesting place?

A few months earlier she had reached the depths of despair. Her response was to scream at God saying she was stuck and needed to get unstuck so that she could serve Him better. Then came the the earthquake of divorce and leaving the place where she had lived for half her life.

It was during this time that the job she had helping teenagers get the qualifications they needed to enter university disappeared as well. She was well and truly unstuck! Within a year of that scream just about everything that cold be changed in her life had changed.  No wonder Susan knows a thing or two about making a fresh start!

She got into teaching while recovering from another turbulent time in her life, a few years earlier. At the beginning of that year she decided it would be easier to find a job if she improved her computer skills by doing a course.  Nine months later she was working as a tutor helping adults doing a computer course two grades or levels above the one she had started with. In between she had done an employment training course that pushed her along at a crazy fast pace. It was a fantastic foundation for anyone thinking about using a computer in the workplace.

Teaching had been in her blood for ages before that. The problem was that she just could not work out who and what to teach. Every attempt to qualify as a teacher had been thwarted one way or another but now it was amazing everything fell into place. After that she spent seven happy years teaching adults to use computers. People like you who needed new skills to help them in their job or to run a business.

Changing times

One of the aftershocks from that catalytic scream was losing her job. What does she do now? There just was not the demand for teachers in adult education, or what they now called life-long learning. In fact many were losing their jobs and looking for other kinds of work.

Others started businesses. (sound familiar?) It took a few false starts or attempts at re-inventing herself before she came back to her first love i.e. helping others escape from difficult circumstances by learning new skills.

Times had changed yet again. Computers were not so much the subject as the medium for learning. What people needed to learn had changed. Thankfully while re-inventing those businesses she had picked up a range of new skills. All that was needed was to put them into action hence this website was revitalised.

How does one person get something like this off the ground?

In the classroom she had used learning materials prepared by other people. Other people wrote the workbooks learners used. Other people wrote the practise exercises that they used. Other people wrote the textbooks and other resources like old exam papers. Using the learning resources other people have already prepared left more time to do other things to improve the learning opportunities that she could offer her students.

Some things don’t change. Instead of textbooks it is possible to buy videos and other learning materials to help people learn new skills. Some things do change. Instead of setting up classrooms in a college or community centre it is possible to buy special software that makes it possible to run online classrooms.

Using all these resources it actually becomes possible to help those who need to learn new things so that they can escape and start a new life.

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