Our history

In the beginning

Using the name Lily the Pink as a business name started before any though was given to setting up any form of legal structure for it. It was a name that was used for the jewellery that Susan had started to make. The full name was Lily the Pink Crochet. This was because the jewellery included a large element of crochet. It was not a best seller but a lot of lessons were learned. One was that Susan's heart was more in teaching people than in making things for people. This was partly because her aim was to see lives changed and how can jewellery change anyone else's lives changed. In other words it was doomed to failure simply because it had no connection with her ultimate dreams and purposes.

Chapter two – metamorphosis into Ministries

As Lily the Pink Crochet declined the idea of Lily the Pink Ministries grew.  The desire to help people change by sharing information grew and with that came the  idea of trying to run a series of workshops. It was thought that the only way to do this was to chase after funding and the only way to get funding was to put a legal structure in place. Lily the Pink Ministries became a Community Interest company. This again proved to be a huge learning experience. It was not as easy to attract an audience as expected. it was not as easy to attract funding as expected. It was not as easy to organise as expected. What else could be done? There was that part about providing online courses so that was pursued but yet again there were many obstacles to overcome. Different ideas were tried and lots of things were learnt as a result. One of which was that it can take persistence to succeed. You know the old saying that the person who fails is not the person who falls down but the person who does not get up the last time that they fell. If one thing does not work the answer is to change things around a bit and try something else. This is why the the personal development materials that were put together talk about the idea that success comes from being willing to practise. It also says that there is no problem failing as long as you working out why and then doing something about it. You need to find ways of overcoming the obstacles in your path. In fact often you need to learn from your mistakes in order to be successful. If you did not make mistakes then you would not realise how much progress you had made when you finally succeed. At the moment we are putting the principles found in the ebook of "What IS stopping you blossoming?"  into practise. We are proof that these principles actually work!

Chapter three – many varieties

Money money money that is all that people seem to be talking about in 2011. Something to do with an international debt crisis that seems to be getting worse not better. Jobs going. No money to buy what you want even for food and fuel for some. Time to think about how to respond. Bridge2Riches is born first a book and then a course on how to move from financial collapse to financial security. There was that book title that came in a dream in Scotland about Making Money in the Parlour. That sounds like a good name for a project to support and encourage micro-enterprise.

Chapter four – but what do you do?

Many people saw the name and then said what do you do?   It just was not clear what we were doing. Some people just laughed and thought did not sound like a real business. It had to go.Think now what are you really doing – ummm educating people I suppose. That's it Lily the Pink Education it is. 


How will it all work out in the end? The dream of Lily's Place was to provide for all the needs of those who were in mental distress apart from finding them somewhere to live. The idea at first was that it would be possible to find grants and other funding. These always were hard to find and have got harder after we started. Only answer has been to work towards becoming self-sufficient and sell products and use the profits to fund other activities.

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