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It is the book Faithful Ladies CAN Transform Society that has inspired this site. The  original idea was to find a bible passage that could be used to help prepare a course on handling money wisely. Susan, the author sat and thought about it and prayed about it then found herself reading Proverbs chapter 31.

Her first thought was surely that chapter has nothing to do with money. It is the chapter about the ideal woman that women are expected to emulate. Yet once she started reading it principle after principle about handling money wisely jumped out at her. It soon became obvious that this was the passage that she needed to explore further.

Proverbs 31 includes a lot of money advice

One of the principles about handling money in this chapter of the Bible is that it is better not to spend money on luxuries until after you have made the money to pay for them. Many get that in the wrong order. They buy the luxuries and then wonder how they are going to pay for them.  It is far better to use money to build a business in the beginning. Once you have built a business up a bit then you can spend part of what you have earned on buying luxuries.

The Proverbs 31 Woman built up a business by testing ideas out and seeing what worked and what did not. She even bought expensive items to help her with her business for cash. Most businesses these days look for grants or loans to buy machinery and other items considered as capital.

Think of all the businesses that have collapsed in the last few years because they have run out of money. They had borrowed money to survive but then the economic climate changed and they ran out of money. The Proverbs 31 woman did not borrow money so did not have to repay a loan. When the bad weather came she and here family had all that they needed. Things could turn sour and she was so well prepared that she could laugh at the circumstances.

A book for ladies who want to thrive financially

Basically, this is a book that contains a load of principles that will help you become as prosperous as she was. She started small then kept on adding new bits onto her business until she was a wholesaler buying things from others that she then sold to international traders. In her era that must have made her the equivalent of a millionaire.  It is a bible-based book with tips and tricks on becoming a millionaire.

Yes, I know that not everyone in the church like that sort of thing but the ideal woman managed to do this while being a good mother and a good wife. She did not forget the poor and needy either. In fact, having women who follow the advice in Proverbs 31 and handled money wisely could be just what they need in order to fund their charitable projects.

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