Faithful Ladies CAN Transform Society

I was looking for a bible text that I could use to base a money management course upon and I found myself reading Proverbs 31 in a new light. Many different money management principles jumped out at me. I was shocked.

I was going to call this the Virtuous (and Successful) Woman but there was one problem ladies took one look at the title and thought this is not me. I am not sure if I am successful and I am definitely not sure if I am virtuous. They did not quite get it that the book was a about a role model that they could learn lessons from.

That left a problem what should the book be called. I tried a few different things like the Sensible wife, Wisdom for Women. The one that got the best response was The Savvy Wife.

The reason for the very first name i.e. The Virtuous Woman was that that was the title used the the English translation of the title of the poem that I used as a guide for writing the book. This poem is a description of the best possible wife a man could find, according to his mother. As many women have discovered one of the hardest people to please is their mother in law. Therefore this poem sets high standards hence some translations of it use the title the Excellent Wife.

The idea is to look at these old ideas and bring them up to date and view them in the light of the self-improvement experts who spend a lot of time encouraging people to be the best that they can be. Some such experts also encourage people to be work towards becoming owners of flourishing businesses. It amazed me just how many of their principles I saw in this poem. They used slightly different words but the message was the same.

If those same principles were being used over 3000 years later then there must be something in them. So I gathered all my notes together and wrote a book about how to manage your money better without sacrificing your family.

As I write this it is not quite ready so as soon as it is I will post a link below.