Adoption declaration

I believe that Jesus died so that He could swap places with me. I believe that He took all the punishment that I deserve because I have not done things the way that you, God wanted me to do. I ask you now God to be my Father and to adopt me into Your family. Thank you for loving me so much that this is possible. I now choose to follow You and to learn more about You. I also choose to change my life so that it is more and more in line with what You want it to be. Will you please help me do this as I am not sure that I can do it in my own strength. In addition, I ask You to help me learn more and more about Your ways and show me how I can connect with my new adopted brothers and sisters. I _________ (insert your name) say that this shall be so.


The printout has the same words as well as a place to sign and date this declaration so that you can keep it for future reference.

You can use the form to contact God's Lily to tell her that you have made this declaration. You never know she might have a few welcome gifts for you.

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