Training associated with church activities

Mission Shaped Ministry
This is a course run in conjunction with the United Reformed Church, the Church of England and the Baptist Union. The aim is to encourage people to think about developing outward looking churches that don’t do things in a conventional way. These could include activities that are targeted towards a particular age group or community of interest. The aim is to both serve the community and build the church numerically.

Crucible Course
This is a course for those interested in seeing where the church has come from and thinking about where it is heading. There are a number of organisations behind this course including the Incarnate Network and the Salvation Army

Sozo Training
This is a form of prayer counselling that originated at Bethel Church in Redding California. They ran a series of training sessions at CLAN Gathering in St Andrews.

Diploma from Historymakers Bible School UK
This is an outreach of one of the largest, if not the largest church in Europe which is based in the Ukraine. Their aim was to share some of the principles that had made that church so successful so that they could be incorporated into churches in the UK. It took attending a class one Saturday a month in London for two years to complete the diploma.

Ellel Grange Modular Courses in Healing and Deliverance
Completing Modular A meant attending 10 weekends over a year and Modular B meant completing an addition 9 modules the following year. Each module was completed over a weekend at their training centre near Lancaster. This is one of the few such courses available in the UK. Modules included on the course include Moving under the Anointing of the Holy Spirit, Self acceptance and Belonging, Sex and Sexuality, Steps to Freedom from Addiction as well as teaching on and practical experience in healing and deliverance. In addition to these courses I have added other teaching weekends run by the same organisation on topics like Deeper Healing for Women.

Asian Internet Bible Institute
Cybermissions course manages to cover two topics that she is interested in at once and draws out the links between the two subjects. This is a 15 week course that she started in October 2003. It is not accredited but it was certainly thought provoking. As far as she knows it is the only course in the world that covers the overlap of what appears at first glance to be two very different subjects i.e. using the Internet including developing web sites and evangelism.

CACDP Deaf Awareness
New College Durham 1997

Denominational Training Programme 1999-2007
This course covers the basic practical skills for working as a Baptist minister. The modules covered included

  • Introduction to Evangelism
  • Evangelism in Missionary Congregations
  • Music and Drama in Evangelism
  • Children and Youth Work
  • Introduction to Church Planting
  • History of the denomination in North East England
  • Pastoral Care
  • Principles of Preaching
  • Released into Mission
  • Worship and Liturgy

Cambridge Certificate in Religious Studies with Credit
St John’s Extension College Durham 1986-1992
This course involved taking a series of what they called papers. All four Bible based papers were passed together with the doctrine paper and two of the three possible history papers. These were not the only courses attended but they were the only exams taken. Amongst the other courses attended were Christian Ethics, Philosophy of Religion, Christian Education and the remaining history course.