Become a Patreon

In the old days artists and musicians would have patrons. These were people who supported them financially in return for a bit of special attention. It gave the artist or musican the ability to live reasonably comfortably, rather than starving in an attic or cellar somewhere. This made it easier for them to develop their talents and capacity to produce quality works of art. Therefore, everyone benefitted even those of us who were born hundreds of years after the originator died.

There is a modern day equivalent. It is a bit different in the sense that it is a sort of crowd funding platform that gathers little bits of money paid by individuals. Enough little bits and the creator is able to survive or even thrive financially.

In 2024 one of Susan’s aims is to develop a patreon page so that those who appreciate what she is doing can support what she is doing. The best way of staying in touch with developments is to sign up for her email list.