Teaching qualifications

Courses studied at college

City and Guilds Level 3 Certificate for Adult Literacy Support
City and Guilds Level 3 Certificate for Adult Numeracy Support

These level 3 courses were taken consecutively during the academic year 2003-4.

City And Guilds 9384 English for Speakers of Other Languages
I did this level 2 qualification for assistants in English classes in 2001. I did this to see if this was a subject that I could diversify. It has proved a useful background to helping learners on other courses.

City and Guilds Initial Certificate in Teaching Basic Skills (Literacy And Numeracy)
I had wanted to do this level 2 course for a long time and then suddenly in 2000, I had the opportunity to do it and took advantage of the opportunity.

Post- Graduate Certificate in Education
This is the basic Certificate in Education course plus an extra piece of work that takes it up to postgraduate standard. This was the standard certificate required for anyone who wishes to teach adults in a further education college.

City And Guilds 7306
This is the basic level one general teaching qualification for anyone working in further education. This course required the development of an NVQ style portfolio. It also included the D32 and D33, the assessment units.

Courses delivered elsewhere

Introduction to Delivering Literature, Language and Numeracy in the Context of Finance
This course looks at how it is possible to help learners who want to be able to manage their money better gain basic skills qualifications. It is a 1 credit level 2 course. It was offered by the Bridge Centre in Washington and accredited via Tower Hamlets College in London.

APTT courses
I was a member of the APTT, a local support group for tutors based on Tyneside. They set up a joint venture with North Tyneside College. The APTT offered a series of five modules which cover the national standards for training FE teachers. The college accepted completion of all five modules as being equivalent to the first year Cert Ed courses. However, the material covered is not exactly the same.

Teaching Interactively in Adult Community Education
This course looks at teaching methods where the students do something, rather than just sit there and listen.

Assessing the Prior Experience of Adults
It covers very similar ground to the old D36 unit, often done under the auspices of the Training and Development lead Body (TDLB).

Quality Evaluation and Management
This is a unique course that looks at how teachers and their managers can improve the quality of courses for adults.

Course Design Course
This course is another module offered by the APTT. It is designed to enable the students to design a course suitable for validation with the Open College Network. Such a course will then be validated to national standards and therefore organisations offering this course will be able to obtain government funding to help with the expenses of running the course. This course led to the development of the idea behind Making the Pounds Meet the Ends.

One Day Courses

The APTT have also offered various one day events that cover particular topics. The ones I have attended include.

  • Dealing with older learners
  • Avoiding bullying and harassment in the workplace
  • Employment rights