Susan’s Mandates

In 2020, Susan tried setting up a limited company, not really for the best motives, so it was probably an Ishmael. She let it go dormant and time will tell if things develop in such a way that it could be woken up and developed. She was advised to take some time journaling so that she had a record of the mandates God was giving her.

OK Father, I need a mandate, i.e. papers for the business(s) that you want me to set up and run. Child, I love this. I want to give you permission to do many things, many of which you have been doing. I want to give you a mandate to set up and support

  • healthcare projects,
  • supervisory care projects,
  • management projects.

Child, you are so multi-facetted and shine like a diamond in many directions. The enemy has poured over dirt so it cannot be seen easily, but I am the master of the clean and polish.

In terms of mandates, I’ll start with the big one, the English-speaking protestant church. You have permission to spread the ideas I have shared with you wherever English is spoken. Remember in much of Wales, it is a second language, so that is OK.

Child, I have called you to be a teacher and will my help you will be an amazing and every engaging teacher. I will show you how to make all this work. You have a mandate to clean up the online training market and bring justice to it. So many are making a fortune and running big businesses, asking a lot for a little.

I am going to show you how to do prayer coaching, a new dimension to some old ideas. You will be brilliant because we work in partnership. No one will do this quite like you.

You have a role in helping many find their purpose.

Child, you are a healer of communities. Not just putting money in, but meeting extreme needs. They all have needs and you know how to meet them and change the world because I am with you. You have been in some broken places and survived. Now I am showing you the better places. Yet they still need me and my help. Maybe more if they think they can support themselves.

I want you working with the less able. You’ve seen some of this kind of support activity for a reason. You have a heart of compassion for the less able to help you help others who are limited in some way. Included in your offerings will be a disability awareness course. I’ll show you how and when, so hold your horses and I will bring you the contacts.

Father, what about Lily’s Place? (The diagram below shows what I saw in a dream after I asked God what my first community interest company should be aiming to do. It is a compilation of ideas that I had seen were needed by people with mental health challenges and needd to make a fresh start.)

It’s an example child. It’s the vision that kept you going and guided your feet. It was given to you for a purpose. It is an example of what can be done.

How do I bring that vision to the attention of others without sounding crazy? It was for you child, not for them. They see their part and need a way of connecting the dots. I am a master organiser. I’ll sort it child. It’s a dream and I don’t look down on those who don’t accomplish dreams while still moving towards them. It’s the shape that shows what is possible if you keep going.