Susan’s gardening project

For years Susan has said that she is going to make her garden more than just a decorative space. She wanted to use it to grow useful plants. Plants that would be useful in terms of providing food or other items should the world turn upside down.

Why didn’t she do this for Y2K?

You see one of the things that Susan could not do when it came to Y2K was organise a garden that would increase her ability to survive hard times. She could build up a store of tinned food and put some bottles of water aside. Then she could gather a few useful bits and pieces like a trolley to carry the large water containers she bought so she could transport water from a standpipe in the street if that ever became necessary.

The problem was that her husband had developed some irrational fears about the garden. Ok they did have some roots in reality but he took it way too far with the result that if she so much as walked on the wilderness that was their garden she would scream and shout at her. The end result was that it was not possible to grow useful or even decorative plants on land that was left to its own devices.

Why now?

It seems at times that the world is like a powder keg. In 2023 there were times when it felt as if one false move would trigger World War Three. We weathered those storms but what is going to happen next?

The thing about gardens is that they take time to grow especially if you intend planting trees and shrubs. Plant a fruit tree and it might not produce fruit for 5 years. Think about it if you planted a fruit tree in the same month as World War Two broke out it you might not have been able to pick any fruit until the end of the war was in sight.

Susan has said for nearly 8 years now that her intention is to create a garden that would make it easier to survive hard times. The reality is that if she doesn’t do it now she might never do it or at least circumstances could catch up with her to make it impossible to do it.

2024 has become the now or never year.

Why add it on this site?

The first reason is that Susan realised that she needed some form of accountability. One way of doing this is tell others and then write a blog to show how she is progressing. The other reasons is over the years she has seen a number of community projects that are based around gardening.

Things like projects that bring together those with the time and ability to bring out the best in a plot of land and those with a plot of land that needs far more attention than they are able to give it. There are gardening projects that help with community cohesion as people work together. Others that provide educational opportunities while providing good quality food in an area where fresh fruit and vegetables are rare. Just like crafts gardening is an activity that provides some unexpected benefits to the community.

Susan really needs to gain more experience about gardening and the best way to get it is in looking after and even developing her own garden.