Susan’s books

Susan loves writing and the way she processes things is by writing. That is why her business plans end up more like books. It seems logical then that she has written a number of books


Find your Purpose Love your Life

Find your Purpose Love your Life was the first full book that I wrote. The aim is to make it easier to work out where you should go next after your life has come to a screeching halt.

The Manifesto that is NOT for Wimps

This book starts with a review of what the bible says that Christ followers should be doing to serve the community. It then comes to the conclusion that there is a lot more than most church members think should be the case.The consequences of this is a gap between what do and what should do. The only way that that gap can be filled is by encouraging church members to set up businesses. Umm a church that runs small charities will struggle with that idea hence the title The Manifesto that is NOT for Wimps.

Faithful Ladies CAN Transform Society

I wanted to do a course on money management and wondered where on earth in the Bible I could find something to base it on. I was surprised to find what I was looking for in Proverbs 31. Yes the passage that describes the ideal couple in the bible. They got the money thing right as well as having a well-organised family. Strange when so many involved in business struggle to balance home and family so end up making a mess of one, often the family. This book works in conjunction with the Manifesto that is NOT for Wimps in the sense that she was a serial entrepreneur.

Crafting a Healing Journey for People and Places

This is the story of a church-based craft group that served a rather unusual deomgraphic, i.e. people with profound learning disabilities. My friend wanted to test her dream of providing for enriching the lifes of people with learning disabilities. The thing that shocked up was who turned up. We learnt a lot from te expereince both in a practical sense of working with a community that we did not expect to serve but also in terms of working in partnership of God. We also learned a lot about how to work in partnership with God in a church setting.

Preparing for a New World

This book is largely about Moses and how he managed to get people out of Egypt and start a journey into the Promised Land. Most of us realise that the world is changing and all sorts of things are happeneing that we really did not expect. This book really is a book for me. You see years ago I was given a prophecy about being a saviour and deliverer for many people and churches. Ok if that is what  God's end goal is for me to become it is a good idea to look at the most famous all human saviour and deliverer in the Bible i.e. Moses. When I compared my experience of lockdow to Moses's life the most important preparation for going into the New World was being as close to Jesus in terms of thinking and reacting like Him as possible.

Shine your Light Serve your Community

This is the provisional title. The idea is to show how people can change the world as they know it.