About me

By the time I had left school I had lived in eight houses spread across three counties in England so saying quite where I was brought up is a bit of a challenge. Another challenge I had was when I actually became a Christ follower. Then after I prayed about it I remembered that I had prayed a prayer in a book of bible reading notes when I was 13.

Right from my early days in the church my question has been surely Lord there must be more than this. This group of people are nothing like the people spoken on in the New Testament. They sit there and speak words that I don’t fully understand and certainly do not appreciate. Very different from the adventures people had in the New Testament. OK we might not want all their adventures like being held in jail, or stoned to death or being decapitated. They were however, doing stuff rather than sitting around listening to spoken or sung words that were not always easy to understand. Then came university and marriage and motherhood in quick succession which left church somewhat on the back burner.

Marriage was not all it could have been or should have been.