How can Susan help you?

There are a variety of ways to engage with Susan.

  • She is trying to find the time to build a YouTube presence (find out more)
  • She is recording podcasts. (find out more)
  • She has written a book or two and you can find them on Amazon or check the book page to see the titles.
  • There are some subscription-based services.
    • Broken Pencils is a local craft group specialising in wellness rather than any specific craft. (find out more)
    • There is a support group lnked to the podcast. (find out more)
    • The plan is to develop a subscription based service for those what are looking for craft ideas that are simple enough for children and  dignified enough for adults. (find out more)
  • Then there are the shops.
  • Join Susan as she explores ways of using her garden more effectively (find out more)

Why get involved in trading?

There is an old story about spoons. A group of people had been given some dishes of food and some very long handled spoons. The spoons were too long for them to put in their own mouths. Some people cried out this is unfair we cannot feed ourselves. Others realised that although they could not feed themselves with those spoons they could feed other people. The easiest way of making sure that everyone got fed was if they all sat in circle and everyone fed the person next to them. It did not matter if the whole group fed the person to their left or their right as long as everyone fed the person on that side. If they were going to survive they were going to have to co-operate and work together.

If there is no fair exchange then it is unfair

That may be a story but the principle of we only survive when we work together and serve each other applies in every facet of life including our economic survival. We work for an employer and they give us money. We provide people with goods or services and they give us money. The sad thing is that so many people expect others to give and receive nothing in return.

This is especially true in the church world. Many services are provided to the community using volunteer labour and donated goods. The challenge then becomes twofold. What do those who volunteer their time live on? I mean how do they pay their bills if they are not receiving any money in return for their efforts? What do those who have donated goods live on? After all they do not have the money from the sales of those goods but they still have to pay their bills.

It sounds ridiculous but that is the way the church in much of the English speaking world thinks when it comes to thinking about serving the community. The truth is that if the church expects all community services to be provided using volunteers and donated goods then it cannot serve the community to the extent that the bible says that it should be doing. Realising this so annoyed me that I wrote a book about it called The Manifesto that is NOT for Wimps.

What is fair exchange?

Remember the old slogan used when people went on strike? A fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work. The emphasis is on getting the balance right. Those who pay the wages want to pay as little as they can and gain as much as they can for the money. Those who do the work want to work as little as they can and get paid as much as they can. Somewhere in the middle is an agreement that is fair to both sides.

Similarlly with those who are selling goods and services. The buyer wants as much bread for a £1 as they can get. While the seller wants as much for the bread as they can. Some people call it the grocery wars as the seller wants to get as much money as they can from buyers who want to spend as little as possible.

People have a habit of shopping around. This supermarket is willing to sell vegetables at Christmas time for less than  it cost them to buy them so lets buy our vegetables from them. That greengrocer on the High Street cannot afford to sell vegetables for less than they bought them for so while the supermarket is selling cheap vegetables they hardly sell any.

I should not have to mention this but…

Do you know how much flak, anger, hatred those who are recognised as Christ followers have to face when exchanging goods and services for money? Advertise a product and the feedback is how dare you charge money for that product or service. You are a Christian you should give everything away and not expect others to pay for things. I am serious, this happens. Well I believe in fair exchange, not giving everything away without getting something in return.

Rant over! I serve people using a mixture of things. Some are given away such as podcasts and YouTube videos. Others are paid for such as the books and the subscription services.