Market stalls

These were Susan’s first idea when it came to selling stuff for Everyone CAN Craft once it was possible to sell non-essential items. During lockdown the Welsh government made it illegal to sell non-esssentials which included things like clothes and household goods. The primary things that people were able to sell were food and drink.

She had a gazebo to shelter her tables from the rain and herself on the occasional sunny day as she had had a jewellery stall before lockdown. As lockdown was approaching a local shop was having a closing down sale and she bought some extra tables for the stall. The tables and Gazebo stayed in her garage in 2020.

Everyone CAN Craft goes to market

The things that Susan had been trying to sell online were taken to the local markets. First an artisan’s market and then the local retail market.

There is one thing about outdoor markets and that is you need to be aware of the weather conditions. The wind can blow things over. Thankfully Susan’s stuff only picked up a bit of dirt and grit rather than breaking. Your stock can get wet and you need to find ways to both display it and protect it from the rain.

Another thing about markets is that they can be hard work. Susan’s gazebo was supposed to be put up by two men more than once she had to do it by herself. Two people can stand at opposite sides and push the frame up. One person has to get underneath and push the frame up from the middle. It is a lot lot easier with two people than one.

Everyone CAN Craft thinks again about markets

It can be very time-consuming going to markets. Susan would pack her car the day before. This made sure that she had a rest before she had to unpack it again. It also meant that as in the winter she needed to be leaving home before it was light it was easier to pack the car in the light. If she needed to be away by 6-30am having the car packed also meant less disturbance for the neighbours.

It takes at least an hour if not nearer two for Susan to set up her stall and only then can she have a rest. Well not much of a rest as she is up on her feet talking to prospective customers. After four to six hours selling stuff everything has to be packed into the car again.

Many market traders use two vehicles. One that they keep their market stuff in and one that they can use for other purposes. They do not need to pack their car the day before and unpack it the day after. Susan only has one vehicle so there is twice as much work involved transporting a stall compared to those who have two vehicles or a vehicle and trailer.

What markets does Susan take the Everyone CAN Craft stall to?

Not very many these days. There has to be some very good other reasons to have a stall. For example it is an event that is very close to where she is running an other activity.