Everyone CAN Craft on eBay

One of the things that Susan realised that she needed to do was get experience using a variety of different platforms for selling items. The idea was that many community groups needed to have a means of making money. If you notice the list in the menu there are at least three different types of shops.

Susan found a scheme that helped social enterprises and charities get started on eBay. They even gave them preferential rates for the fees. It was too good an opportunity to miss.

The first challenge was what to sell. The supplier she used for the other shops she had created did not connect to eBay. She tried another one but they only put things on eBay’s US site when she was using eBay’s UK site. This in itself was useful experience that would stop other people making the same mistakes.

The thing about eBay is that it is a marketplace that started life as an auction site where people sell second hand items. These days in addition to selling secondhand items they allow people to sell new items bought from wholesalers. They also allow people to sell things for a fixed price rather than in an auction.

What is sold on the Everyone CAN Craft eBay shop?

One of the things that the community benefit statement says it will do is to make it easier for people with additional needs get hold of resources that suit their needs. Susan had come up with some activity kits during lockdown that were suitable for the people who came to the craft group that collapsed as the first lockdown took effect. These were a good starting point for products to sell on eBay.