Local groups

Restarting the old is tough

One of the things Susan has wanted to do is get the original craft group off the ground. this has proved to be remarkably difficult. One of the big challenges is that it was no longer possible to use the original venue.

Finding another proved to be very difficult especially as she wanted to keep it at the same time. They could use that room without paying rent and now they had rent to pay so the price would have to go up. If the price went up then it would need to be at least as good as it once was.

Doing it in the same way would be challenging as Susan was on her own as her helper had so many issues of her own that it made it impossible for her to pick up where she had left off.

New groups

The hardest part of getting the original group going were the first few sessions. I mean where do you find people. We managed by putting up a poster in a few local supermarkets. All it took was one person to see it and share the idea with someone else.

The thing is that it took weeks before we got that one bite and then it was only after we had a powerful prayer meeting. A prayer meeting is easier when there is more than one person.

In 2023 Susan tried starting three different groups. One for those who wanted to crochet after hearing that many people wanted to learn to crochet. Another for general crafts that focussed on wellbeing called Broken Pencils. A third one was for those who were wanting to build a digital business. None of them achieved momentum.

More about Broken Pencils

Susan has some strange dreams for Broken Pencils in the sense that it will become more than just a craft group. If you want to read the text that Susan had as a divine download about this craft group you need to go to the Broken Pencils website.