Thank you for dropping by. It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to share some of my ideas with you. I will start by explaining the strapline. If that is not your thing then explore the menu.

What is a community groups midwife?

Well you know what a midwife is? They are trained professionals, often with a background in nursing, who provide specialist care for expectant mothers and their unborn child. They help the mother prepare for the birth and support the mother not just during the delivery but also for a few days afterwards. It is then the turn of different medical professionals to care for the child. Occasionally they have to help the parents recover from a still birth or miscarriage or start the journey of supporting a child that is not all that they had hoped for.

You know what a community group is don’t you? A group of people that come together to meet a specific need within the community. It could be a food bank that provides food for those who would otherwise go hungry. It could be a crochet group where people learnt new skills and support each other through the challenges and triumphs of life.

Now put the two ideas together. A community groups midwife is someone who is experienced and trained in helping those who have an idea for a community group bring it to life, They walk along side those who are developing the idea and then help them launch a community group that has the best chance of thriving for the long term.

Sunshine Susan?

You can blame her friends for that nickname. They were talking when Susan had a blip and they needed to talk some sense into her. After they had helped her up from that emotional tumble one of them said that a song came to their mind. You are my sunshine.

That is a powerful song about someone who is very special to the singer. One reason why it is used as a lullaby. The challenge for me has been that I have spent most of my life struggling to believe that I could be loved. Someone once described me as Sleeping Beauty, a baby that had been hurt very young and that spent her life surrounded by a hedge until her prince came to rescue her. My Saviour did finally come along and helped me take down the hedge and made it possible for me to feel love for the first time in my life. It was only after that that incident I was able to feel love and accept that I could be loved.

For decades I could not understand why anyone would want me and this song was unbelieveable nonsense in my ears. Of course they would not want me, no one wants Susan. The damage done by a midwife who did not believe I had a dad lasted a long time. I did have a dad, but it took him longer than anyone wanted to travel half way up England from his army base to see me . I am living proof of the importance of midwives getting it right. Thankfully in my case the problem this woman had created was repaired eventually but not before a lot of damage was done. A midwife has an important role in the emotional, physical and even spiritual health of a baby.

The strange thing is that the day before I was given the name Sunshine Susan I had tried doing some painting with my dad. I had got some pieces of imitation wood, some cut out to look like a sun and other pieces that looked like a fir tree. Dad and I were dipping these pieces of wood into paint to use them for other things at a later date. One of the sun shapes had been dipped into a mixture of yellow orange and red paint. Once it was dry I took a picture of it and that became the logo for this site.