Why The COB Club was started?

Like many other things the Christian Online Business Club started because I was looking for something and I could not find it. What I wanted was a way of connecting with people, especially those in the UK, who wanted to use business as a tool to build a world that is in godly order.

I wanted the chance to share ideas. A place where I could get support while I worked through issues of faith related to business. I didn’t want to just learn things but I wanted to be amongst people who were also trying to put the same sort of ideas into operation in their own lives.

I looked around and could not find anything. I could find business clubs in the local area. I even joined one for a while but the faith-based element was missing. It was as if that was the missing piece that I could not find.

Do you know what you do when you find yourself in that situation? Yes, you have a go setting it up yourself? That is why the Christian Online Business Club was set up. That proved to be such a long name to type that I kept on abbreviating it to The COB Club. A look around at what else the word cob was used for led to an interesting exploration of cob antonyms and how they apply to The COB club that can be found in the COB Notes.

Why business?

My passion is to see people set free to be all that they can be. So why am I interested in business as a way of helping people. The obvious thing is that business for some people is the way out of the captivity of being unable to pay the bills. It could be their own personal bills or it could be the bills of a project or organisation.

There is though more to it that than that. It can bring you into contact with people that you otherwise would not have met. This could be customers or staff. As you do this you are able to support them on a spiritual journey in addition to doing all the practical things that such a relationship entails.

It does not stop there as there is even another dimension to the purpose of a business. It can provide a mechanism that makes it possible to meet a variety of different needs within a community. I heard of a project where someone started a business buying and renting property so that they had a means of providing a home for those needing to make a fresh start. They wanted to do something practical to help others and started the sort of business that many others use to line their own pockets to help others rather than to help themselves. Amazing!

Why me?

To be honest that was my question but then I turned it around and said why not? I thought it was something that was needed and it was a need that I could meet.

I already knew how to set up a membership website. I am a qualified teacher in adult education who has the paper qualifications to teach business startup. I have even helped someone else run a business club.

That is what I look like on a good day! It is a selfie and I hate taking them hence the frown. I am a pretty normal person really but that is not how God sees me. I am His princess. Princess Lily to be more accurate.

My friends would be surprised at that because they call me Susan. However, it does make sense as Susan means Lily and lilies are such beautiful flowers. Often used as symbols for peace or purity.

These days I live in north east Wales, although I used to live in north east England. When I  lived in England I was a college teacher specialising in ethics and philosophy. Here in the UK, they would call that teaching A-level Religious Education. The strange thing about that course was it touched on business ethics. I got my start in teaching by delivering IT classes in various community centres.

What else does Susan do?

These days I still use those IT skills but for writing books and building websites like this one. One of my websites has the

I also have a website for those who want to change the world. OK the tagline is

“the voice of those frustrated about the slow progress towards a fair society where the needs of the weakest are met in such a way that it strengthens them rather than weakening them further”

This website can be found at godslily.com

Interested in joining The COB Club?

Membership is £10 a month until a certain threshold has been reached after that the shopping cart is set so the price goes up to £20 a month. You can sign up below.

Oops, I  had better tell you what you get for your money. One is you have the opportunity to get to know others with a similar outlook so that you can share ideas. There are discussion groups within the membership area as well as access to a monthly live conference. Not only that but there is access to the COB Library. This includes a long study on Proverbs 31 that concentrates on it as a business textbook and a set of materials called Find your Purpose Love your Life.