What it is like being orange?

I read a magazine article on loneliness and thought I would explain a bit more about what it is like being orange. Being orange? Well, the post on building a hybrid business will help you understand what I mean. The lady in the article said that she had joined a variety of groups in the

Building a hybrid business

Building a hybrid business is not easy especially when it seems as though you are trying to bring together two things that do not seem to mix very well. I found that some people were uncomfortable with the idea of having the words Christian and business in the same title. They could not see how

The trials and tribulations of being a Christian in business

One of the trials and tribulations of being a Christian in business that most disturbed me was the time when I mentioned a business idea I had on a Facebook page largely populated by ministers. I was testing the water so to speak but someone poured boiling hot water on me and left me scalded.

Building with cob

It is possible to build with cob. Cob the building material is made out of a mixture of clay, sand, straw and water. Once mixed together it is shaped into walls that are often curved like those of this house. It is an old idea that nearly fell out of use before being revived in

Bread cobs

Talking about bread cobs reminds me of my childhood. Especially the times when I used to stay with grandma during the school holidays and she would make bread. We shaped the bread into loaves cooked in loaf tins and cobs. The cobs were small pieces of dough kneaded into round pieces and put on a

It gives you more flexiblity to help you overcome challenges

One of the problems that many people who are living on benefits have is that they struggle to find some way of earning a living given their particular limitations. They may be limited by caring for their family whether they need care because they are young or elderly or disabled or sick. Or indeed they

Financing Kingdom Work

This is the book I wished I had when I started my journey. I spent years trying to work out how I could do this kingdom building thing and stay afloat financially. As I kept my ear to the ground I realised that I was not the only one who faced this challenge. It is a

Do it yourself so that you can lead others to prosperity

There is an old saying that you cannot lead people where you have not been yourself. Before you lead others to prosperity you have to do it yourself. It makes sense really as you need to have done the reconnaissance so that you know what works and what does not work. If all you know

Susan the teacher

I grew up wanting to teach but it took me a long time to realise this meant teaching adults. Every time I tried training to teach children something happened that meant that I did not qualify. Eventually it dawned on me that I should be teaching adults. It was then that the doors opened again