Building with cob

It is possible to build with cob. Cob the building material is made out of a mixture of clay, sand, straw and water. Once mixed together it is shaped into walls that are often curved like those of this house. It is an old idea that nearly fell out of use before being revived in

Bread cobs

Talking about bread cobs reminds me of my childhood. Especially the times when I used to stay with grandma during the school holidays and she would make bread. We shaped the bread into loaves cooked in loaf tins and cobs. The cobs were small pieces of dough kneaded into round pieces and put on a

A cob is a male swan

Mr Swan is known as a cob. These large aquatic birds are hard to miss. Well some of my former classmates found this to be very true. The picture of them hitting a swan while training for a race in in one of our school rowing boats found its way into the local newspaper. It