It gives you more flexiblity to help you overcome challenges

One of the problems that many people who are living on benefits have is that they struggle to find some way of earning a living given their particular limitations. They may be limited by caring for their family whether they need care because they are young or elderly or disabled or sick. Or indeed they

Do it yourself so that you can lead others to prosperity

There is an old saying that you cannot lead people where you have not been yourself. Before you lead others to prosperity you have to do it yourself. It makes sense really as you need to have done the reconnaissance so that you know what works and what does not work. If all you know

Here are some less obvious ways that business help others

A business can be a means whereby you help others. What sort of needs could it meet? People need jobs and businesses provide jobs. Provide a job that someone can do and you will be able to help them turn their life around.  There are large numbers of people who cannot find a job that