What it is like being orange?

I read a magazine article on loneliness and thought I would explain a bit more about what it is like being orange. Being orange? Well, the post on building a hybrid business will help you understand what I mean.

The lady in the article said that she had joined a variety of groups in the offline world because she agreed with one cause of another. After she had joined the groups she found that she did not fit in with them very well. There was one group that after a meeting went across to the pub and she felt like a fish out of water in the pub. There was another cause that she agreed with but she disagreed with the methods people were using to try and change things. In the end, she realised that although she joined the group for one reason she found that she did not fit in for other reasons.

For her to fit in there had to be more than just the one cause that she agreed with. She had to agree with they approach a group was using as well as fit into the social environment. She might agree with the cause but there were just too many other differences for her to be comfortable.

I am definitely orange

That is my story online as well. I look for help online and what do I find. All sort of counterfeits. I find people who are using techniques that sound very like the things I have learnt about while studying Christian healing or counseling techniques. Yet because they are counterfeits they lack the full power of what is available to Christians. They use some of it but they just miss out the Christian bit and hope that they can make it work. It often does to some extent but I believe that there is something missing that makes it less effective than it could be.

I look at the business world and so often all I see are people who have different values to me. They might think nothing of persuading people to buy things that do not really help them. They push and they shove people in order to get sales. They say buy now because I am making my product scarce in order to persuade you to buy it.

I look at the Christian world and the only thing some people are interested in is twisting God’s arm so that He awakens people and sends revival power so people come to faith in droves. Some are no better than the business people who want more notches on whatever scale they use to measure success. When churches are primarily interested in filling up heaven (and their own churches on the way) rather than changing the lives of people here and now I get concerned. If that was all that is important why does Jesus do things like feed the 5000 or heal the sick or cleanse lepers? Helping those in need like widows or orphans is something that is seen as in line with God’s purposes.

See what I mean about being orange. I look at the business world’s definition of success and cringe. I look at the church world’s definition of success and cringe.

Where do I fit then? I look at business and I want to see Christian values come more to the fore. I look at the church and I want to see a more businesslike approach to meeting the needs of the community. I am definitely orange.

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