I can’t do it because I am not like them

Sometimes we say that we cannot do something because we are not the same as them. This can be true but is it always? Role models can give us a lot of inspiration. However, it depends on how we see ourselves in relation to them. If we see them just like us they will inspire

Other excuses we can give a third party

Sometimes we are encouraged to do something by a third party. These examples came from a Christian speaker who was listing some of the excuses that God hears from people who He asked to do things.  “I don’t know anyone else who has done this”. We joke and say that after we were made the

I am too old or too young

Some say they are too young others say they are too old but how do we know what is the right age to do something? There are people who do extraordinary things at ages that some of us may not even reach. I am thinking of the person who does not go parachuting until after

I can’t because I don’t deserve it

Some people say that they deserve bad things. After for some people experience has taught them that good things are for other people and not for them. In their hurt and pain they have learnt that it is right for them to go without and to have less than other people. It might sound extreme but

I am not capable or lack something

This is something that we can learn from experience. We try to do something and we fail then we say we cannot do that. However, it is not always our fault that we cannot do something. Sometimes the problem is that we were in an environment that made learning hard.  Susan and learning languages When

All that glisters is not gold

Glisters is an old fashioned word that means “the quality of shining with a bright reflected light”. It means that all that is bright and shining is not gold. There is something called fool’s gold. This is something that to the initiated looks like gold but is actually a compound of iron and sulphur. It