stage 08

Cultivate healthy relationships No man is an island we all need other people. Few of us are able to grow all our food, make our own clothes, repair our homes and all the other tasks required to live a comfortable life. That is before we start thinking about the everyday circumstances of our lives such

stage 07

Cultivate healthy thinking We have decided to take action to do something to change our situation worked out how and why we want things to change. We have considered the way we should behave to make things change. Now we are going to look at the thought patterns that will help us develop the sort

stage 06

Cultivate healthy behaviour We have decided to take action, worked out what we are going to do how we are going to do it and seen how being focussed will give us the power to go forwards. Next stage is to look at our behaviour. If we simply dream about the things we want to

stage 05

Get the power We now know what we want to change so we know where we are going. We also have plans in place so that we know the direction that need to travel in order to reach our intended destination. If we don’t know where we want to go or what we want to

stage 04

Realise that feelings are not facts One of the issues that we face when dealing with limitations is recognising the difference between feelings and facts. a. What do we mean by fear? There is an acronym that some people use to explain fear. False Evidence Appearing Real Often we think that we have worries or

stage 03

Prepare to move on Stage one was the decision to change. Stage two was where we became more aware of our situation. We now have a good idea where the inappropriate limitations are and what effect they are having on our lives. In this stage we are preparing to move on and developing a plan

stage 02

Become more aware Here is a link to a page that offers templates that will help you draw a a fish bone diagram. (opens in a new window) for fishbone diagrams click here Here is a PDF file that you can use to help you use the triangle recording tool Once we have recognised that

stage 01

Recognise that we need to do something In the first section the idea of taking responsibility before things could change was mentioned. The idea being that when we stop blaming our circumstances and other people we can do something to change our situation. Yes, they will have influenced us but we have the choice whether

Blossoming! What do you mean?

One of my dictionaries says that to blossom means to thrive and prosper. Another says that it means to grow well or develop successfully. I carried on and looked up these words as well. To thrive is to grow healthily and vigorously, to do well, to prosper, to increase in goods to be successful and to