If we do not stop we would not have the rest that we need

The Jewish concept is that we should work no more than six days a week and rest for one day. On that day of rest, the tradition is to eat a special family meal, build a relationship with God and to spend time in a place of worship. We might not agree with the way that they do this but medical experts see that there is great value in the major features of observing the Sabbath.

It is important to set aside to spend time with family and friends in a way that helps everyone relax and enjoy each other’s company. The traditional Jewish Sabbath meal includes ways of remembering a shared history in a meaningful way and ways of looking towards to a new future. They also have time to spend time in prayer i.e. speaking to God and thinking about what God says in their holy writings.

Rest is important

You may not want to become involved in religious practises but you need to take time to rest. No one can keep on working every day of the week without suffering the consequences often on their physical health. Taking a break to have a proper meal on a regular basis is good for both your mental and physical health. Spending time reminiscing or sharing dreams with friends and family can be very therapeutic. They say that families suffer when they do not have a regular meal together. All of these provide the necessary rest so that we can recharge our batteries.

It is amazing how busy we can become and how hard it can be to stop and rest. We are watching TV, listening to music etc. all the time. We never seem to stop. It is as if we have this desperate need to fill in some kind of space in case something we don’t want intrudes into it. Some people are actually afraid of rest and quietness. In some ways these might be the very people who are most in need to putting time aside to be quiet and allow themselves to listen to the things that they normally drown out.

Rest enables you to stop and think

Sadly there are some people who are desperate for their thoughts to be drowned out. They simply cannot face the concerns, worries, fears flashbacks etc. that they experience in the quietness. For some it is so bad that they cannot sleep without a radio drowning out the troubling thoughts in their mind. That is the only way that their mind actually slows down enough for them to sleep. In that kind of situation the idea of finding enough peace so that they can rest is a dream rather than a reality. If that is the case it is time to seek real and effective help to deal with those dark thoughts.

For other people it is those moments of rest and quietness when they have our best ideas. Even great Greek philosophers have had good ideas in the bath and jump out shouting eureka or I have found it. Today we are just as likely to have good ideas in the shower. It is as if the good ideas that were already in there have a chance to get out. Maybe that is why so many of my ideas come as night visions or dreams when my mind is resting and gets out of the way of whatever messages it is supposed to be picking up.

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