If we do not stop we would give something a higher priority than it should have in our life

What do you idolise and hold to be of greater value than anything else?  Is it your business?  Your family?  Your TV?  Whatever activity we value we will spend time doing. If we value our business more than our families then that can cause problems. It is not uncommon for someone to say I did all of this for them i.e. spend time building a career or business after being left broken-hearted by the loss of a family who struggled to cope when they felt that they were ignored.

It is also important to take time for ourselves. We need proper food and exercise. We need time to relax and to take care of ourselves. We need enough sleep to prepare us for the challenges ahead. Taking time for yourself also means taking time to take care of your spiritual needs and building a relationship with what those running twelve step programmes call a higher power and the Jews and Christians would call the God of the Universe.

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