If we do not stop those who have gone ahead of you will not be honoured

If you read the story of James Watt the inventor you will see that he was a model maker working at university in Glasgow. He had access to a model of a steam engine that had been fitted to a coal mine he looked at it and realised that there were some improvements that he could make that would greatly increase the efficiency of steam engines.

If Newcomen and Watt had not developed the static steam engine to pump water out of coal mines then those who followed on and developed steam engines for other purposes would have found it much harder. Most of us build our own ideas up upon the ideas that we have gained from others. There is no problem with this as long as you honour those who have gone before.

Who do we honour them?

One way of honouring people is to mention the authors of books you have read and to acknowledge the sources of your ideas wherever possible. Notice in the front of many books there are acknowledgements given to people who have been supportive. These may include parents, husband or wife, children, colleagues etc.

Most of us recognise that a large part of our childhood experiences came as a result of our parent’s choices. Just because we disagree with them or believe that they have hindered our progress does not mean that they should be disrespected. It can be a fine balance but behaving in an honourable way towards people does not mean that we have to allow them to stop us doing what we should be doing.

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