If we do not stop people will die or suffer harm unnecessarily

We tend to think of this as just murder or the ending of human life in some way. We may believe that this is something that only applies to those working in the medical field. Yet many of us make decisions that cause or could cause death and injury to others. Those of us who drive or operate machinery that can kill have to do so in a responsible manner.

How can we help others stay safe?

We need to do all that we can to make sure that we and those around us stay safe. This means that we need to follow health and safety advice. Things like taking regular breaks and not working such long hours that it damages people’s health are also important ways of taking care of ourselves and others.

Making sure that others stay safe may mean doing first aid training. It may mean finding out what to do in an emergency situation such as when fire breaks out. It may mean developing and following a health and safety policy in your organisation. It may mean following safety advice around your own home.

Of course, injuries do not have to be just physical injuries. Sometimes an injury may be done to someone’s reputation or cause them emotional problems. Injuries may be caused by words as well as actions.

The ultimate escape route hurts others

There was a time when someone who tried to commit suicide and failed would be treated as if they had attempted murder. Even though that no longer happens there are many who would say that suicide is a selfish act. Why selfish? Well it means that those who are left behind have to deal with the emotional and practical problems that your death has caused.

Someone has to deal with the practical or emotional problems related to finding your body. If you deliberately step in front of a car or train then the driver has to deal with the fact that you chose them to help you kill yourself. If you are facing such severe business problems that you feel the need to escape by committing suicide then those you leave behind will still have to deal with the situation once you have gone.

You may have escaped but those who are left behind still have to pick up the pieces. The old verdict pronounced in the Coroner’s Court was that someone took their own life while the balance of their mind was disturbed. This loss of balance may mean that they believe no wants them when others really miss them and struggle without them.

This is definitely a legitimate reason to stop and to seek help. There are non-judgemental services that you can contact by phone or email that will provide the support that you need to help you through a difficult situation. In the UK this includes the Samaritans. (yes that is a link if you need it) There are people who have come through this kind of situation and then learnt how to blossom. They look back and wonder how they could have been so wrong and are pleased that they decided to stop.

There are many different ways that we can harm ourselves.

We can smoke. We can drink more alcohol than our bodies can process safely. We can gamble so much that those around us suffer. We can eat too much, or too little or the wrong things or at the wrong times. We can have too little exercise so our health suffers. Those are just the things that come to mind immediately there are bound to be more.

There comes a time when we pay the price for the decisions that we have made. Whether it be having a tooth out because there is nothing else that the dentist can do for it or having surgery to repair the damage we have done to ourselves.

The one thing that I hate is people especially those close to me pointing out that if I do not stop doing something in one area of my life then I will take the consequences at some time in the future. Of course I know that they only do it because they are concerned but it does not make it any more pleasant.

The problem is that if they take my side then they are enabling my poor behaviour. They could even develop their own problems due to a condition known as co-dependency.

This is why there are support groups for the relatives of those dealing with alcohol or drug dependency. The person who does set boundaries in their own life in relation to food, alcohol, drugs etc. will not only harm themselves but harm others as well.


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