I have too many personal problems in my life at the moment

We all face challenges in life. It can be due to relationship issues, health issues and then just life gets in the way. Remember the times when your teacher would tell you that was no reason not to hand in your homework it was just an excuse.  Sometimes you wondered if they would believe that breaking your neck and landing in hospital would be a good enough excuse not to hand in the work they expected you to do outside class time. Their point was that if we make something a priority then we will find a way to do it.

There are times when other things take priority such as when you have a child that is seriously ill in hospital but even this sometimes needs to be weighed up very carefully. There could be times when someone leaves the side of a seriously ill child and while they are away finds additional help for the child or themselves.

Challenges can drain our strength

I have certainly been there. Dealing with the issues created by other people who had unreasonable expectations is not easy. If you submit they expect more and more. If you resist they become angry. Either way you cannot win. If you stay in that situation then you have to find ways of surviving in it which is not always easy. On the other hand walking away from the situation can be equally as challenging.

All the time this is  going on you need to use part of your finite amount of mental and physical energy to deal with the circumstances. If that challenge takes up a lot of that energy then quite honestly you have little strength to spare for anything else. You have a limited amount of strength and if so much is taken dealing with one situation then you really cannot take on board other things as well.

Responding to the challenge

You do have some strength left and to be honest you don’t know what the future holds. You can use that strength to help you build for the future. OK you might not be able to go college to study that subject because of the travelling time involved. There are other ways to learn about it though, especially these days with the option of online learning.

In fact that is what I did. I gathered a library of books, some new some second hand on the topics I wanted to learn about. I now have a collection of CDs DVDs, even old cassette tapes that I can refer back to. Today I still gather information but the format has changed a bit. I can read eBooks on my phone in bed or while sitting waiting for an appointment. I listen to MP3 files while driving.

Challenges are not the end of the world

There were times when I felt that I was dealing with so many personal issues that I could not do some of the things that I was supposed to be doing. There have even been times when I have asked someone if it would be worth my while training for a particular role in their organisation only to be told that my personal circumstances where such that it would be inappropriate.

What I did at that time was continue with that dream as a long term goal and do other things to help prepare for the time when I was able to consider training for that role. In that case it seemed as if the role they wanted was nothing like that one I thought was right for me. I had to wait for them to develop a new version of that role before I could progress towards it. If I had done too much too soon then I would not have ended up in the right place.

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