I can’t do it because I am not like them

Sometimes we say that we cannot do something because we are not the same as them. This can be true but is it always? Role models can give us a lot of inspiration. However, it depends on how we see ourselves in relation to them. If we see them just like us they will inspire us. If we put them on a pedestal and say that they are better than us we can become dispirited because we have made it so that we cannot reach the heights that we have raised them to. This is why it is often a good idea to include people who face similar or worse challenges than you do amongst your list of role models.

It can work both ways

Some of the most inspiring videos I have seen have been of people who once would have been written off. For example Nick Vujicic was born with no limbs and faces obstacles every day of his life. Despite this he has become a motivational speaker who has travelled all over the world encouraging others who do not face as many obstacles as he does.

In one of the videos of him available on YouTube he deliberately falls down and then says it looks impossible that he would ever be able to pick himself up. Amazingly he then manages to pick himself up by himself. It is not easy but despite his limitations he has learnt how to do what seems to be impossible.

Imagine what would have happened if Nick had said I can’t do this because I am not like them? He could quite easily have said I will sit in the house but he has flown all over the world to show people it is possible to overcome challenges in life.

It is alright for them

Another aspect of not being like others is that we think that it is alright for those radicals or those people who are designed to be high-achievers. We look at what others achieve and think how on earth could we ever do the same thing as they have done. One reason is that they have gone past the limitations that have held us back.

We think that it was easy for them. They did not have to handle the problems that we have to face. Sometimes when we look at their situation more carefully they may have faced even greater problems than we have done. It is highly unlikely that they have not had a fight to achieve all that they have. It is far more likely that they have glossed over the battle that they have had to achieve. We all have moments of struggle even if we achieve great things the majority of the time.

It is the fight that makes us strong and makes us who we are. Those who succeed are those who have learnt to fight, to overcome obstacles and reach their destination.

It is time to celebrate differences

Why not  celebrate our differences? We are the ones who have made it so far. The first variation that we encounter is the result of which particular egg was fertilised by which particular sperm. There were millions of different permutations at the time of our conception and yet we were the ones that survived long enough to be born. We then have had a series of life experiences each of which have shaped us into the person that we are now.

Each one of our experiences and thoughts shape us into the people that we become. We all have individual gifts and abilities. All these things leave us shaped for a particular purpose. Yes we may not be able to do exactly what someone else does or have done but we are capable people.

Christians say that there is nothing that happens to us, even if it causes great harm that God cannot later use in a positive way. They would even say that God designed each person to carry out a particular role. A business or organisation may recognise that they have a particular hole that they need to be filled by a worker or volunteer. They are looking for the person who is as good a fit for that hole as possible. The question is trying to fit the right person into the right position. Once they are in the right place everyone will flourish.

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