Where is the money to get started going to come from?

This is one of the biggest objections to starting many projects. One of the reasons for this is that people want to start at too high a level. One of the things that happened during the dot com boom was that some people were given a lot of money from investors that they spent on things that were more for show such as renting office space in a fashionable area and buying new and good quality furniture. They also drew a good salary for themselves. When after spending all that money they could not provide the service that they said they were going to do the business failed.

It is often better to learn as you go

Others start a business from home. They gradually build up the business while they are working for an employer. They learn how to create goods and provide services, sell them and generally run a business step by step. Once they have built it up so far they leave their job and have something that they can do to support themselves.

Other times the job comes to an end and they have something that they can develop further and therefore support themselves. They start small with borrowed or second hand resources and use these to practise their idea. As they practise, they find out what works and what does not.

Others will see the results and therefore see the value in what they are doing. Once others can see the value in what they are doing, they will allow them to use their money to build it. Once they have gained some experience, it is easier to persuade others to lend them money to build your business or give them a grant to develop a project or otherwise allow them to use their money to build their project or business.

Start from where you are now

The thing is we have to start somewhere and we can only start where we are now. Trying to start from a point that we have not already reached is a recipe for disaster. If we jump in to that point we are often not ready or able to cope with what is required at that level never mind forwards to the next level.

For some people this might be getting a job to pay the bills and pay off credit cards, mortgage etc. This means that when they start the business or project they will need to draw less money from it to survive and therefore decrease the financial load on the business or project at a time when it can least bear it.

Dreaming about reaching a point where you can start can put an unnecessary obstacle in your path. The dream may sound good but there is a risk of it becoming if only this would happen then I would. The question is how are you going to reach the point where you say you could start from? You need a way of reaching that point or your dream is one that cannot come true.

Small acorns can grow into mighty oaks

Starting small means that you can develop systems and routines so that you learn to do things in a way that works for you. Once you know what works you can write it down, and delegate the task so that others can do it for you. share it with others so that they do work for them.

This means that you don’t have to do all the work yourself and can step back from day to day activities. In fact that is how some people create their dream business i.e. one that brings them in money but other people do the work. The put a lot of work in at the beginning to get it going in right direction and then they step back and let other people run it.

You can also share your best practises with other people. They can then buy your manual or guide and take advantage of what you have learned. That way everyone is able to do better

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