What will it look like if…

We often do not like the idea of making a mistake because we are afraid of what it would look like if we did. We expect to be punished for making mistakes. Learning in schools often involves a carrot and stick approach, a carrot to encourage and a stick to punish mistakes. For some of us the expectation of punishment for mistakes has left us paralysed and unable to do the positive things that we would like to do.

Self-acceptance and courage

Some of us so fear making mistakes that we have developed the habit of covering them up. If we cover things up then we are running away from the responsibility of dealing with them. The fear and shame of making mistakes can stop us moving on.

Courage is literally a strength of heart or belief in ourselves that we can step out and do something. Often that belief comes from the idea that we have learnt that others accept us despite us making mistakes. Love and acceptance are very closely related.

We accept people for who they are because we love them. If like me you have (or had) some kind of blockage that stops you receiving love then it is hard to feel accepted. If we don’t feel accepted we will not expect to be accepted. If we don’t believe that we can be accepted then we will struggle to see that other people do. We will so expect others not to accept us that we make it hard for them to do so.  It can be quite a tough vicious circle to escape.

The only way out is to change the beliefs that are stopping you moving forwards. That is why people use positive affirmations and literally try to talk sense into themselves. Of course the first step is recognising that these things are stopping you from moving forwards. This is something that is covered in more detail in the actual blossoming course.

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