What is in it for me?

We can look at an activity and ask how we would benefit from it. We could see the pain of playing sports but not see the thrill of achievement or enjoyment of taking part. We see the downside rather than the upside. It is a case of how can you do that because… Yet the person taking part sees the benefit of doing so. It is a matter of personal perspective.

Assessing the benefits of doing something

One of the things that investors look for is return on their investment, in other words how much benefit will they gain from the money that they spend. They know that something good will come from the effort that they make. They weigh up the risk and compare it to the reward they will get from taking the risk and then decide if it is a worthwhile thing to do. The issue in this situation is how we weigh up the balance between the reward and the risk. If the reward is greater, we will go ahead if we see the risk as greater, we will draw back.

There are people who can look at a piece of land and envision a building or look at a derelict building and see a thriving community building. They can take other people to that piece of property and explain their vision and others just do not see it. Their vision carries them forwards to the point where the project is completed.

I heard a story about someone who saw a derelict building and saw the potential in it to create a community resource, which provided a place for young people to develop music skills amongst other things. They took various people around the building and shared the vision with them, and asked them for support. A number of them could not see how such a vision could be achieved so said that they did not want to be involved in the project.

A few years later those same people come into the centre as outsiders to use the facilities. They had lost the opportunity to become partners in the venture because they could not see its potential. However, now saw it was up and running saw its value very clearly. If they had been partners in the venture, they would not be paying rent to use the room. They might even have been able to gain an income from a share of the profits of the venture. They could not see the possibilities only the risk and as such they missed out on the reward.

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