What I am able to make or create is not good enough

This is a reason for not doing things that is particularly damaging to craftspeople who make things to sell to others. However it can affect anyone. A craftsperson who makes unique items needs to believe in their own talent. Often they compare what they do to everyone else but then believe that their product is not as well-designed or not as well-made.

It does not stop at that

Some people get past this limitation but find another limitation appears a little further along than the previous one. Their self-limiting belief becomes “my work is good but other people will not see it that way”. Here the craftsperson likes it but they think that no one else will appreciate it. They may think that it is beautiful but they do not expect others to think that it is as well.

There is a further limitation that some craftspeople (and some authors) accept i.e. “my work is good and other people think so, but they won’t think it’s worth what I’m charging for it”. This time they have worked out how much it cost to create their masterpiece making sure that the cost of the materials were covered making sure that they are paid for the time involved in its creation as well as including something to cover other overheads before deciding on a price. They then wonder if anyone will pay the price they have determined. They then have two choices sell it for the price that they think that it is worth or sell it at a lower price.

How this makes life difficult?

Limitations like these makes it harder to do our best work because of the concerns of whatever we do not being good enough. For a craftsperson, it also means that they are discouraged from take artistic and creative risks. I mean after all why bother trying so hard if there is no way that you can ever possibly succeed.

Who says it is not good enough? You do. Do you give the customer the chance to say it is not good enough? Do you make the decision for them by making it impossible to buy that item from you? Do you believe others when they say it is good enough to sell?

Do you know what the truth really is? If you say they will not buy that item then they won’t. If you say they will buy that item then they will. Either way you are right.

Such beliefs can be unconsciously conveyed to prospective customers who won’t buy from that craftsperson because they doubt the quality of the work. If a customer cannot see the value of the work then quite simply they will not buy it or if they do it will be for such a low price that it is impossible to make a profit form the sale.

Price is in large part a perception of value.

If you value your work and what you are able to do for others then you will ask them to reward you with more money than you would if you do not value what you can offer them. If they value something enough then they will pay the asking price to get it.

A large part of the value of something that is being sold is in the mind or that it is worth the price that is asked for it. Limitations like this make it very difficult if not impossible to develop a successful business.

This may sound strange but what value do you place on what you dream of blossoming into? If you value it highly then you will be prepared to pay the price to do so. If you do not value it then you will not pay the price and you will not achieve all you might have done. The choice is yours!

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