We listen to our self talk

What on earth is self talk? It is that inner voice that can, when it is positive, act as our cheerleader. It can tell us yes you can do it. On the other hand, it can be negative and therefore become our greatest critic. It can call us names like idiot or accuse us of being stupid, clumsy or being unable to get things right.

In One Minute Millionaire they use the term Mr (or Mrs) Yabut. The name comes from the idea that we see an opportunity or have an idea and then comes a series of statements that start “Yes but…” There are times when such statements keep us out of trouble but there are times when they stop us taking advantages of things that are useful or helpful. There are other times when this self talk causes unnecessary concern and muddled thinking.

A double minded person does not achieve anything. If inappropriate self-talk is not silenced or at least quietened down then we will not achieve anything.

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