Other excuses we can give a third party

Sometimes we are encouraged to do something by a third party. These examples came from a Christian speaker who was listing some of the excuses that God hears from people who He asked to do things.

 “I don’t know anyone else who has done this”.

We joke and say that after we were made the mould was thrown away as a reference to our individuality. If we are individuals then it is unlikely that anyone else will have done exactly what God has asked us to do. If we believe that he has called us to do something then we have to ask him to train us to carry out that role.

“I have no one to help me”

The answer to this is to ask people to come around and help. Sometimes the challenge is making a start and then waiting for others to see the value and start helping us.

“I have never done this before”.

There are many things that we do now that at one time we could not do. We used the example earlier of a child learning to walk. At one time that child could put on the floor and they would stay where they were put. They could not roll or crawl but then they learnt to move around and eventually learnt to walk as well. At each of those stages they learnt how to do things that they had not done before. The answer to this concern is to find ways of developing the necessary skills and abilities and then stepping out to carry out whatever it is.

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