It is too hard for me

We can easily say that something is too hard for us to achieve for some reason. However, what we believe we can do is our own choice. For example, we can believe that we cannot go to a conference on our own. Even if we need extra support, say because we have a hearing impairment or a mobility problem there are ways and means of dealing with the situation so that we can attend.

How I did something I thought was too hard for me

Notice though I said that this is our belief. I once thought that going to a conference in London or other big city here in the UK was an impossible dream. Someone like me could not make get on a train travel to the big smoke, find their way to a hotel that they had previously booked and then find their way across town to the conference. There were a few little obstacles like finding the money for the train fare. There were a few  big obstacles like the fear of not being able to manage on my own in the big city, after all I am a country girl at heart.

One day though I saw a series of one day courses advertised and decided that I was going to go. It was in central London and I had never been to London on my own before. Once I had decided to go I found ways to make it happen. I booked the train ticket, I found somewhere to stay and I went. I actually did something that once I believed would not have been possible simply because I stopped believing it was impossible so freed my mind to look for how to make it possible.

Getting started was just the start

It was a series of courses and I was able to make improvements as the series progressed. I found ways to buy cheaper train tickets and learnt more about ways to pay for my stay. I learnt the route to walk from the tube station to the venue. I learnt where the shops were in relation to the venue so I could buy myself something to eat. I did not learn learn all these things until I actually started attending those courses.

How could I have made these improvements if I had not started? Sometimes we cannot see how we can do something until we get started.  We make the decision to start and then things fall into place. Once we do that it is as if we take a blindfold off our eyes so that we are able to look for ways to make whatever it is happen. 


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