I am too old or too young

Some say they are too young others say they are too old but how do we know what is the right age to do something? There are people who do extraordinary things at ages that some of us may not even reach. I am thinking of the person who does not go parachuting until after their 80th birthday.

Remember is that no one is getting any younger! In fact, we are all getting older at the same rate it is just that some were born before others. Those who were born later can think that they are not old enough to achieve something. However, they have the time to develop the skills that they need for the future. They have the time to gain experience, qualifications etc. If they make good use of the time that they have then they will be better-placed to make a start on whatever they are called to do when the time is right for them to start.

There is a place for everyone

There is a reason why young energetic people are blessed with children. They need all that energy to look after them well. On the other hand, those who are older and more experienced also have a role in a family or other organisations. All of these are valuable activities within a community.

We might not be able to do exactly what we did when we were younger but we still have a role to play. We have advantages that others do not have. Our experiences and the wisdom gained through simply living our lives have something to offer others.

This is why we work together in teams or communities. The young ones bring their strength and their energy. The older ones their wisdom and experience. The old need the young and the young need the old.


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