stage 9 stage 4 Our words

d. Our words

One resource that everyone has is words. If words reflect the way that we think then if we make a deliberate effort to change the words we use then we will be able to take control of our own thought patterns. People who achieve are normally positive people who use a positive vocabulary. They say “I will” rather than “I should”. We will achieve more if we maintain a positive approach in all we say.

Earlier we mentioned the idea of staying away from people who complain because they draw unhappy events to them because of their attitude. What if we are a person like that ourselves?  If we are the one who constantly complain or express other negative attitudes in our words how can we stay away from ourselves. OK we cannot do that as we cannot escape ourselves but what we can do is to use words more wisely. We can work towards developing an attitude that is less negative. This may be by becoming more aware of the things that we say and do that display such negativity and make a choice to break the habit.

Baden Powell the founder of the scouting movement used to say that something was not really yours until you had said thank you for it. Have you noticed that if you say thank you and express gratitude for what you have received from others then they will be more likely to do it again?  This is just one example of you using words in a positive way that builds up others can help you. Genuine compliments and other positive words build up relationships and it is only by building up relationships that it is possible for us to achieve all that we are capable of achieving.

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